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A higher understanding of
your technology

At TSL Associates, we provide companies leading the cutting-edge semiconductor, high-tech electronics, defense, aerospace, and wireless industries with talent that will give them a real advantage in their hyper-competitive arenas.

Your company is looking for a firm whose leadership has 20-plus years of experience, a firm that not only knows the business but also possesses a deep understanding of your technology and the people who are the innovators in your industry.

We can approach the best talent with a legitimate understanding of the impact they have on their chosen field.

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Complete tech recruitment for any role and all industries

TSL Associates takes an aggressive stance to close the gap for time-to-hire, maintaining transparent and effective lines of communication. We make you a clear and present part of our executive search process. From start to finish, we deliver full-circle, complete hiring solutions, building relationships based on success.

Our search methods are proven in producing a talent network that seeks an efficient overlap—one built to spotlight specialties vital to multi-industry growth. We engage in retained, contingency, and contract-based searches, confident in our ability to find the most specialized talent in the field.